How Telemedicine Helps Patients and Doctors

How Telemedicine Helps Patients and Doctors

Health and Fitness May 5, 2015

Telemedicine software

For many patients, it can be difficult to see the doctor for minor issues. This can cause minor issues to become major issues when left untreated. The best way to prevent major health problems is to regularly see the doctor, but patients with chronic illness, unreliable transportation, or a rural address, this can be next to impossible. Fortunately, more doctors and clinics are starting to offer telehealth solutions through the use of HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.

There are many advantages of telemedicine use, beyond making medical treatment more accessible to patients. Telemedicine allows clinics to designate one physician to treat more patients via telemedicine video conferencing, freeing the other doctors to treat patients that have arrived in person. Telemedicine is especially convenient for doctors who simply wish to perform follow-up visits with their patients, as the patient does not need to be physically present for such consultations.

Clinics with telehealth technologies have fewer cancelled and missed appointments, as the patients with unreliable transportation and busy lives are able to consult with their doctors remotely, instead of trying to be at the office by a certain time, which may be inconvenient. Telemedicine psychiatry is a growing field on its own, as many mental illnesses make it difficult for patients to leave the house. Telepsychiatry may even help prevent suicides, as doctors are more available to discuss things that are troubling their patients.

Some patients are concerned about the safety of telemedicine, but in order to practice telemedicine, clinics must use HIPAA compliant video conferencing software to protect the patients’ privacy. Each patient will be consulting with the same medical professionals they would be consulting in person. As for the costs, in many states, insurance companies are required to reimburse patients for the cost of telemedicine appointments at the same rate as traditional appointments are reimbursed.

Telemedicine is a great new technology to make quality medical care accessible for all patients, as well as to improve the efficiency and quality of the doctors’ lives as well.