Three Times You Need to See a Sports Physician

Three Times You Need to See a Sports Physician

Health and Fitness January 9, 2015

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Anyone who is an avid sports player or even who does it regularly for recreation knows what a toll it can take on the body. Since sports injuries can be unique, it is often best to see a specialist who is well trained and experienced in treating sports injuries. Here are three times you’ll definitely need to go to a sports medicine facility to see a physician.

1. After Sports Injuries
One time you’ll absolutely need to see a sports physician is after an injury. Injuries can happen because of a trauma during game play or a competition, during practice or training, or over time from repetitive stress. Being aware of your body and making sure that you’re getting any injuries or potential injuries checked out and treated, since they will only get worse without getting cared for.

2. For Chronic Pain
Another reason to see sports physicians is for chronic pain. Chronic pain can result from a number of different things. It could be because of a medical condition like arthritis, or an old injury, or in some cases, pain signals just firing in the central nervous system. Whatever the cause, chronic pain can affect your ability to play and your performance, so it’s worth seeing a physician for pain control.

3. For Physical Therapy
Aside from injuries and chronic pain, you’ll probably also need to see a physician for a physical therapy regiment after an injury or a surgery because of a sports injury. Physical therapy is often used as a way for people to manage pain and can include things like core strengthening, stretching, and low impact aerobic exercise. Some people think that resting injuries is the best course of action, but exercise is often better for the management of pain and the treatment of the injury.

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