X Responsibilities of a Primary Care Physician

X Responsibilities of a Primary Care Physician

Health and Fitness January 16, 2023

There’s a reason why so many people stick with seeing the same doctor year after year. From knowledge of family history as well as your own medical history, to finding comfort in discussing such personal issues with someone you know you can trust, the benefits are never-ending. But what responsibilities does a primary care physician have?

1. Treat Many Ages

Depending on the specialization, a primary care provider can treat only children (pediatrician), only adults (internal medicine), or see an entire family of all ages (family doctors).

2. Perform Screening and Check-Ups

Primary care physicians provide regular checkups and health screenings that give them a comprehensive look at their patients’ health for years. This knowledge may alert them to any possible health concerns, and allow people to lead healthier lives.

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3. Handle Complex Issues

There is a misconception that primary care physicians are only seen at those standard check-ups, but they are equipped to deal with and treat long-term and serious issues as well.

If you don’t have a primary care doctor, you can ask those you trust who they see if they’re willing to divulge that information, or alternatively, you can look online to find doctors near you! To hear a more in-depth explanation of the responsibilities of primary care physicians, follow along with the video!