Could Telehealth Be The Next Big Thing?

Could Telehealth Be The Next Big Thing?

Health and Fitness June 7, 2022

Telehealth is a relatively new field within the medical field. It involves patients using a device such as a tablet, computer, or phone to talk with their doctor over the internet. There are a number of benefits and drawback. In this video, you will learn more. If you are considering telehealth for yourself or a loved one, look into hipaa compliant telehealth platforms.

The main benefit of telehealth is its ease of access. It saves patients from having to make a trip into the office.

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This also has the side benefit of reducing their likelihood of catching a sickness from their visit to the doctor. Plus, the patient may be more apt to seek help for embarrassing conditions if they can do so from the comfort of their home.

On the flip side, telehealth also comes with drawbacks. With the ease of use being so high, people may be tempted to over-utilize the platform. This may result in longer average wait times for people that really need the care. It can also be difficult to diagnose conditions via telehealth because a physical examination may still be required. Plus, the doctor can’t use any of their tools to assist you.