Who Qualifies for Weight Loss Surgery?

Who Qualifies for Weight Loss Surgery?

Health and Fitness June 25, 2021

The United States’ population has a considerably high percentage of obesity. Whether it is is self-inflicted or the result of a medical condition, some people turn to doctors for medical help. Weight loss surgery is a growing trend for treating obesity. Not everyone who wants the procedure can get it, however. Weight loss surgeons have certain criteria that must be met in order to operate. This video will discuss the qualifications for weight loss surgery.

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Weight loss surgery can increase life expectancy by up to 7 years. It can be a very beneficial operation. To qualify, surgeons take a few factors into consideration. The age of the individual is quite important. Generally speaking, individuals between 18 and 60 years old qualify. Anybody over the age of 50 will need cardiac clearance to avoid any complications.

Body mass index, also known as BMI, is another important factor for surgery. It calibrates the level of obesity. The height and weight of the person are put into a formula, which generates the BMI value. The value that generally qualifies an individual for weight loss surgery is anything higher than 40. It must also be proven that medical attempts for them to lose weight did not work.