Tips For Choosing The Best Wheelchair

Tips For Choosing The Best Wheelchair

Health and Fitness January 27, 2021

There are about 2 million new wheelchair users every year in the United States. Besides, at least 3.6 million people in the united states aged 15 years use the wheelchair. Therefore, there is a need to ensure you purchase one that facilitates your mobility and meets other specifications such as a durable wheelchair hand rim grip, strong off road rigid wheelchair tires, among many more. With the high number of manufacturers and suppliers of wheelchairs, there are several factors you ought to put into consideration to make an informed purchase. They include:

The Amount Of Support You Need

There are different types of high-performance wheelchairs, depending on your need. If you will be spending a long time on the wheelchair but still want to enjoy great flexibility, then you require one that can easily be adjusted to serve you well. You should be able to adjust your positioning to feel more comfortable without having to leave your wheelchair. In case you feel fatigued, you can easily recline your chair to different angles to get rid of the exhaustion. Therefore, before choosing your wheelchair, you must assess it or even try using it if need be to ensure it provides you with the needed support. Check the wheelchair hand rim grip to ensure it is soft, so that you can comfortably push your wheelchair. You can try out the different types of wheelchairs being offered to you to get that which satisfies you accordingly.

Consider Your Body Size

For proper posture, you must choose a wheelchair that supports your body size. You will need to take very accurate measurements of your body and use them to choose a chair that perfectly fits your body to give you sufficient comfort and great posture. Besides, taking into account your body size, you can also measure your height and weight capacity. These will ensure you get a wheelchair that will support you for a long time.

Nevertheless, with the inception of customizable wheelchairs, you can get a perfect seat depth and width, footrest, armrest, leg rest, brake, and wheel options. Whenever you want to change your posture or get rid of any fatigue due to sitting for long, you can make adjustments to the backrest, armrest, or footrest, and the exhaustion will subside.

Portability Of The Wheelchair

Close to 98% of public transportation buses are well equipped to accommodate people in wheelchairs. This means you can easily use public transport with your wheelchair without any discomfort. However, portability is a very crucial factor if you would fancy traveling with your wheelchair. It should be able to become compact either through disassembling or folding so that users can easily carry them for their travel. This is why folding wheelchairs have become very common. They are very portable, thus making it easy for someone to travel with them.


To enjoy great mobility, your wheelchair needs to be inspected, and in case of any issues, repair and maintenance is needed. Areas to inspect include bolts to ensure they are tightly fastened, movable parts to make sure they are well lubricated to avoid friction, off road wheelchair tires to check for wear and tear, and the wheelchair hand rim grip.

Choose a wheelchair that can be easily cleaned to get rid of any dirt. This makes it possible for you to conduct manual routine maintenance without having to hire a professional. Besides, check out if the wheelchair comes with a reasonable warranty or insurance policy that guarantees routine maintenance.


When choosing a wheelchair, you must be guided by your specifications, a list of user requirements you expect your chair to meet for instance getting a comfortable wheelchair hand rim grip. This calls for considering some very significant factors to get a wheelchair that will perfectly guarantee your mobility. Portability, your body size, the support you need and maintenance, should dictate the choice of your wheelchair.