Wait Less Time to See a Doctor at Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

Wait Less Time to See a Doctor at Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

Health and Fitness October 17, 2018

More and more individuals are learning about the benefits of visiting urgent care clinics for minor illnesses, injuries, and preventative care. The Urgent Care Association of America has estimated that three million patients visit these centers on a weekly basis. This branch of medicine is considered to be a growing specialty.

Urgent Care Clinics as an Emergency Room Alternative

When they have a minor illness or injury, many individuals visit the hospital emergency room when there are other options available. Milliman, for example, conducted a private study that discovered a large percentage of these individuals could have been treated at an urgent care clinic. The study revealed that this amounted to 44% to 65% of the cases that were seen in hospital emergency rooms.

It’s also important to note that patients don’t need to wait as long to see a doctor when they visit an urgent care clinic. The Urgent Care Association of America’s 2016 Benchmarking Report revealed that in 2015, the average waiting time was 30 minutes or even less. Given that hospital emergency rooms continue to be overcrowded, this can make a significant difference for patients waiting to be seen, especially when they feel ill or are in pain.

A Few Medical Issues That Urgent Care Clinics Treat

Most urgent care clinics, or four out of five of them, are able to treat various types of fractures. Given how often Americans experience an ankle or other type of sprain, urgent care clinics can also provide treatment for these injuries. Adults, as well as children, come down with colds and flus every year. Urgent care clinics can treat these as well as other common illnesses and injuries. Furthermore, these clinics can also provide some types of preventative care.

Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

When you or your children have a minor illness or injury, it makes sense to visit a walk in clinic rather than the hospital emergency room. In addition to not having to wait a long time to se a doctor or a physician’s assistant, the cost is considerably lower as well. Once you receive care from a doctor at an urgent care clinic, you’ll be able to learn more about the variety of services that they can provide to you and your family.