How Massage Techniques Help with Chronic Pain

How Massage Techniques Help with Chronic Pain

Health and Fitness September 24, 2018

Nearly everyone enjoys a massage at the spa to unwind. Massages don’t just have to be for those odd muscle aches and pains, though. Research increasingly shows that medical massages can reduce the effects of chronic pain. These advanced massage techniques stimulate blood flow, cause the muscles to relax, and stimulate a release of serotonin, which reduces pain.

If you’re prone to chronic headaches, a deep tissue massage and/or facial may work for you. Chronic headaches often result from stress and tension. An expert in trigger point massage therapy can identify the areas that cause the most pain in your shoulders, neck, face, and temples. Your masseuse will likely target the muscles at the base of your skull, as these are the trigger points that often cause the most pain. While professional facials can’t permanently cure chronic headaches, regular visits to the masseuse can significantly reduce your pain.

The benefits of massage therapy for back aches are already well-known. Numerous studies have shown that therapeutic massage is more effective at reducing lower back pain than acupuncture, relaxation, or spinal exercises. Researchers have concluded that individuals experiencing chronic back pain can benefit from visiting a massage therapy specialist regularly. A deep tissue massage is more intense than a typical massage, though, so be sure you drink plenty of water and take an ice bath after your session.

The benefits of medical massage on fybromyalgia and CMPS are still unclear, but many clients report significant improvement from massage therapy. A typical session lasts for approximately 45 minutes and focuses on the joints. While the masseuse uses a light touch, she’ll apply deep pressure to those tissues that are causing the most pain. After your massage, it’s a great idea to visit your chiropractor for an adjustment.

Regardless of your condition, medical massage techniques can improve your mood, allow you to get a better night’s rest, and lowers feelings of anxiety. Even though a medical massage isn’t a typical “spa treatment,” it makes you feel more pampered than, say, a visit to the physical therapist. Don’t be afraid to ask your masseuse what to expect from your first session–using massage therapy can be a great way to improve your physical and mental health.