Three Incredible Facts About Nose Jobs That You’d Never Guess

Three Incredible Facts About Nose Jobs That You’d Never Guess

Health and Fitness February 2, 2015

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Nose jobs — otherwise referred to as rhinoplasty — are the most popular option among plastic surgery patients. About 90% of female cosmetic surgery patients under 35 request rhinoplasties, and 86% of male patients in the same age group opt for this procedure. So if you are seeking out a cosmetic surgeon for this procedure so you can enhance your features and feel more confident, you certainly aren’t alone.

However, the decision to get a surgery such as rhinoplasty shouldn’t be taken lightly — and it’s extremely important that you know all the facts before going under the knife.

Not sure if you know as much as you should about rhinoplasty procedures? Here are three of the biggest — yet least-known — facts about nose jobs and the cosmetic surgery industry in America:

If you’re serious about your singing, beware of rhinoplasty

Did you know that a rhinoplasty procedure can potentially affect the quality of your speaking and singing voice? While in many cases these changes are very subtle and can only be detected by trained ears, you might want to reconsider getting this procedure done if you are a professional singer or voice actor.

Rhinoplasty alters your senses — temporarily

Another crazy fact about nose jobs? For the first three to six weeks following your surgery, you will likely be unable to smell or taste as well as you did before the surgery. Luckily, this side effect is always temporary; you can expect your senses of smell and taste to return in due time.

Not all rhinoplasties are for cosmetic purposes

Some rhinoplasty procedures are performed because the patient has breathing problems — deviated septums are an example — that need to be surgically corrected. In many cases, the patient’s nose won’t experience any change in appearance.

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