Step Up Your Game and Learn a New Sport at Your Racquet Club

Step Up Your Game and Learn a New Sport at Your Racquet Club

Health and Fitness February 10, 2015

Squash leagues

Although the month of February may seem bleak, and you may already be well underway to accomplishing some of your New Year’s resolutions, it’s never too late to set more goals for yourself for the rest of the year. Many people look to get in shape starting on January 1, and whether you’ve already begun this journey or you’re still looking for ways to accomplish this feat, there is still time. One way to shed winter weight and get motivated for 2015 is to look into what your local racquet and tennis clubs may have to offer.

Racquet and tennis clubs provide the perfect spots to play sports such as tennis and squash. These fast-paced games can give you the aerobic workout you need to burn calories and promote heart health, and they can improve other skills, such as mental agility and joint flexibility. If you’re still looking for ways to get fit, here are some reasons to consider starting tennis and squash this winter:

Tennis is the most popular racquet sport played throughout the world. It can be played on both outdoor and indoor clay tennis courts. Tennis is a big name sport for national and world tournaments and is the sport of many elite athletes, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from taking lessons. Lessons in tennis for beginners of all ages are available at most tennis clubs and will give you the foundation necessary to get out on the court and get moving. In fact, playing just three or four hours of tennis each week can help you lose up to half a pound in that time, and playing the sport at a moderate to vigorous pace can help you cut the risk of heart attack and stroke in half.

Squash is another racquet sport, typically played indoors. In this game, both players face the same wall to hit the ball back and forth to one another. Although it has different rules, squash provides many of the same cardio benefits that tennis does, and group and private lessons are available. In many racquet clubs, the instructors are champions in US squash tournaments, or they may be preparing to compete in world and US squash tournaments themselves. Having world class instructors to guide you on the squash courts is an important first step in choosing a racquet club.

If you still have questions about joining a tennis club, be sure to check out your area. Don’t just look at price. Look at the quality of the club itself, from the beginner tennis clinics to the training by champions of world and US squash tournaments. Have other questions? Leave a comment below.