I Pity the Fool With Low T Low Testosterone Treatments Are Here to Help

I Pity the Fool With Low T Low Testosterone Treatments Are Here to Help

Health and Fitness January 14, 2015

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Low testosterone, or “low t,” is not as uncommon as you may think. Quite the opposite. It is estimated that up to 13 million American men suffer from low t. Low t can be caused by a variety of factors such as kidney and liver disease, infection, cancer (especially testicular or prostate cancer), Type 2 diabetes, genetics, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and injury to the genitals. However, sometimes the cause is unknown.

The effects of low t are well-known. Symptoms of low t can include increased body fat, increased feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, decreased muscle mass, lowered libido and sexual desire, decreased strength, and depression. Links have also been made between low t levels and shorter life expectancy.

However, there is hope. Low testosterone is not the end of the world. On the contrary, low testosterone is readily treatable. One of the most popular treatments for low t is hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is the process of injecting synthetic hormones and hormone producers into the body. There are a variety of doctors and medical professionals to choose from that offer hormone replacement therapy. Not to mention the fact that most insurance carriers cover hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy has a high rate of success. It enables men who suffer from low t to lead a normal and fulfilling life. Hormone replacement therapy is safe, reliable, and affordable. Men with low testosterone should immediately consider hormone replacement therapy.

Low testosterone can be a serious problem with men but it doesn’t have to be. With hormone replacement therapy a common medical treatment, men with the condition can breathe a little easier and get their lives back again. Synthetic hormones are the real deal.

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