Three Services an Urgent Care Might Offer You

Three Services an Urgent Care Might Offer You

Health and Fitness May 6, 2014

Getting sick or becoming injured often means that you need quick access to a doctor‘s care. With many urgent care clinics being located in most communities, you can see a doctor without an appointment when you need to. There are also online clinics for some areas that allow you to see a 24 hour online doctor free from any appointments. A doctor’s visit is conducted through video online so that the doctor is able to look at you and ask you questions about your problem in order to help solve it.

There are also physical clinics that allow you to see a doctor quickly in person. A doctor clinic walk in session can allow you to be seen in little time. If you are looking for a doctor office open now near me, you can find a local clinic by looking for the ones in your area online. The business listings online will give you the name and addresses of the clinics around you as well as telling you whether they are open at the moment or not. This makes it easy to select the clinic that would be the most convenient for you to visit when you aren’t feeling well.

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According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, urgent cares are becoming more and more popular in the Boston area. After realizing that they can be a reasonable substitute for many of the ailments that would otherwise bring patients to the emergency room, insurance companies have gotten more flexible about whom they allow to visit an urgent care.

As the article points out, now that urgent cares have become fairly widespread, the onus on these companies is less about explaining to the public what they do — offer assistance for non-life threatening care needs — and more about explaining the ways in which clinics differ from each other, whether it’s the hours offered or the insurance carriers accepted.

Are you interested in visiting urgent care facilities? Here are three ways an urgent care center might choose to distinguish itself. These are not services you should assume are offered by each clinic, but rather, something you should specifically search for if it’s a service you wish to prioritize.

1. Urgent Care Dentistry

According to the Pew Center, about 800,000 visits to the ER every year are for toothaches or other dental ailments. An urgent care dentist can often help with non-life threatening issues such as infected gums or dental abscesses, especially when your family dentist isn’t open or doesn’t have a spare space for appointments that week. If left to fester, most dental problems will only get worse in time and potentially cause greater trouble and expense to those suffering.

2. Urgent Care 24 Hours

Urgent cares are typically open for more flexible hours than a doctor’s office — the majority are open until 7pm or 8pm at night. In more urban areas, some urgent cares even provide 24 hour help. This can be a great boon for people who don’t have life-threatening problems worthy of the ER, but whose treatment can’t be left off until the following afternoon.

3. School and Sports Physicals

Many sports teams, school systems, and even summer camps require routine physicals before admitting children. A routine physical typically involves tracking height, weight, blood pressure, vision and pulse. It can also include a medical history screening. Most urgent care clinics offer this checkup for less than $50, as opposed to the price a family might have to pay, and the waiting time expected, for a full visit to the doctor’s office.

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