Did You Know That You Can Get Hair Tattoos?

Did You Know That You Can Get Hair Tattoos?

Health and Fitness May 19, 2014

Hair replication tattoo

Did you know that there are a whopping 21 million people in the U.S. who suffer from hair loss every year? Of the men who are balding, 47% would be willing to spend the entirety of their life savings on advanced hair restoration if it meant having a full head of hair back, and 60% would rather have more hair than have more friends or more money.

Thankfully for these desperate individuals, there are hair loss treatments that can help. Unfortunately, few of these work particularly well, are actually affordable, and don’t require surgery. One, however, stands above the rest: scalp pigmentation.

This advanced hair restoration treatment is basically the process of having the scalp tattooed with tiny dots that give the appearance of a stubbly, buzzed haircut. It’s the fastest, most effective, advanced hair restoration technique that doesn’t involve, scarring, surgery, or even down time.

These hair tattoos can help with any kind of hair loss, really. If you’d like to deal with Male Pattern Baldness, awkward scarring, a receding hair line, or another cause of hair loss, scalp pigmentation will be able to help you out.

All of that being said, this advanced hair loss restoration does have some disadvantages, or rather, some limitations. Though it does look like real hair, it’s not, nor will it feel like it. Plus, it won’t create the appearance of longer hair. This also means that the rest of the head must be kept closely buzzed to make things look even.

For most, though, the benefits of this advanced hair restoration technique vastly outweigh its limitations. After all, it’s better to look like there’s some hair than there’s no hair.

If you have any questions about scalp pigmentation, feel free to ask in the comments, but it’d be better to schedule a consultation with licensed professionals so that you can discuss any concerns you may have about this advanced hair restoration treatment.