Urgent Care Gets Rid of the Fear without the High Dollar Spending

Urgent Care Gets Rid of the Fear without the High Dollar Spending

admin February 27, 2013

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The increasing caseload of primary care physicians has led to extreme difficulty scheduling appointments, longer waiting periods to be seen, and a decrease in the time spent with each patient are major factors in driving the growth of the urgent care industry. Urgent Care centers currently represent one of the fastest growing segments in the American health system. Some states allow urgent care centers to administer and distribute prescriptions before the patient leaves the center. The most common fracture in people over 75 is in the hip and, for those under 75, is a wrist fracture. Because emergency room visits have skyrocketed, around 100 million annually, the urgent care center is becoming more and more prevalent.

It is also common for Denver urgent care and Denver health clinic centers to now offer STD testing Denver. This concept is fairly new but, with the increase of patients crowding the ER and physician offices, the practicality behind it makes the most sense. STD testing Denver is not necessarily life threatening so for it be offered at a walk in clinic denver makes the process fairly straightforward and painless for all those involved. Urgent care Cherry Creek and urgent care denver centers know that they are meant for acute, non fatal medical services so for them to offer STD testing Denver is a perfect scenario for an urgent care setting.

Other services offered by urgent care centers besides STD testing Denver are flu shots, treatment of minor injuries like sprains, strains, and flesh wounds. The biggest thing to consider is, much like with Std testing denver, what this process would cost at a hospital or an emergency room versus what an urgent care center will cost. The best thing to do is to talk with your doctor, get his opinion on your symptoms and what they might mean, and then explore the urgent care options for STD testing Denver. Even if you need immediate attention from a professional in a hospital or emergency room, the urgent care center physician should be able to give you some qualified advice on how to proceed.